I am a middle-aged woman in the United States, and I owe the feminist movement a real debt of gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy here. My life seems safe and it is thus easy to focus on minor aches, pains, and troubles.

However, in other parts of the world, feminism is a life-or-death topic. Wars still exist where rape is used as a weapon of war, to humiliate and break the spirit of the enemy. There are still places where a woman is not allowed to work for money or go out in public without permission of her father or husband.

Even with danger to life itself, brave women are continuing to put themselves in the line of fire for the sake of human rights for themselves and for their daughters and for their fellow women.

The purpose of this blog is to take note of some of these women, mostly contemporary women currently in the news, but I also want to recognize some women in history.

I hope that some readers find some of these stories as inspiring as I do. My suburban American cocoon may feel safe, but the rest of the world is not so lucky, and there are heroines that need to be recognized.

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